Mammoth Has More Snow than You. Period.

by Doug 31. December 2010 04:36




More snow = more joy in Mammoth.  Currently it's the happiest place on earth.  If you recall, this is where we took our honeymoon in March 2010 (video here).   We can't wait to get up there this season!


For my friends and family back East: Where is Mammoth Mountain? It's located in California's Eastern Sierra approximately 30 minutes South of the Eastern entrance of Yosemite National park. In other words, it's here.




Happy Anniversary to Us

by Doug 24. December 2010 16:18

It was 1 year ago that Virginia and I headed over to the Beverly Hills Court House to tie the knot.  It was a very nice day, not much drama, and a wicked Chinese brunch afterwards.   Cut to 365 day's later, and WOW, my first year as a husband is already over.  

And it has been a very happy journey.  Life is better when your best friend is always at your side.  When bad times hit, they're not as bad.  When good times shine, they shine brighter. It's been win/win and thinking about LBM  ("Life Before Marriage) I'd never want to go back to those days.

So to my lovely wife I say "Thank You" and "I Love You!!"


The happy couple. Photo by Tommy G.


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