Front Door Makeover

by Doug 23. January 2011 16:42



Ever since I bought this house, I've known that the front door was trouble.  In the sense that it didn't lock right, was drafty and had way too many coats of chipped paint.  Sort of what you expect from the original front door of a house built in 1938.
At some point in the long list of home projects, replacing the front door emerged at the top.  We picked out a front door and a security screen door at Lowes and decided to pay for the installation as well.  Hanging a door isn't easy - been there done that. Now that we're both working full time, it made sense to leave it to a contractor that Lowes would send out to do the job.

We opted for a fully insulated fiberglass door with a double pained insulated glass center. The glass included a craftsman style motif. Super energy efficient, and stylish too.  Also, the security screen door has a nice style, but with a hefty amount of 'safety' without looking like we live in downtown Detroit. 
The results were just fantastic - what a difference.  Check out the before and after pictures!


Seriously, can't you just feel the drafts coming through?


Old and tired, this thing is about to be fired.



Mrs. Marbles inspects the delivery before signing off.



The new look!


Much more elegance!


And we like the daylight that comes through.



Open air breeze with security.






Book Review: Half Broke Horses

by Doug 20. January 2011 05:31

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that although the blog has been redesigned, I still have all the archives from the old blog, and still have all the book reviews too.


And on that note, I've posted a summary on a book that I was sure was not worth reading. Read the Half Broke Horses review. Hint: Don't judge a book by it's cover.


Enjoyed any good books lately?  Send me your reviews!   



Goodbye Sunrise

by Doug 13. January 2011 05:47


Photo: Sunrise over Tujunga


When the winter mornings come,  I dread separating myself from my heavenly cup of hot french roast to take my morning bike (or hike) up to Mt. McGroarty that overlooks our valley.  Getting my butt out the door at 6:30AM is difficult at this time of year. At least it is at the beginning of the season.
Yet I receive a huge bonus that happens while Mother Earth is on her winter tilt.  Without changing my morning schedule, I'm privy to the days first rays over the horizon from the trail.  Witnessing and welcoming the suns first spill into the day has an intensity that is hard to put into words, but it's a moment that you begin to look forward to each morning.  The coffee becomes easier to set aside, the ritual of getting the bike shoes and helmet together is less of an annoyance. The sunrise beckons', and I will be there.  Suddenly winter mornings aren't so bad after all.  
As well, it's nice to reflect on that moment throughout the day - at the office or in traffic.
And so it's a little sad when Mother Earth starts to get ahead of you.  As the solstice continues it's migration to the next milestone (June 21st or there abouts - right?) the sunrise happens earlier - and slowly steals that moment that you've come to look forward to for these past months.   A sign of another year and another fling with the morning sun.  Goodbye Sunrise. I'll be seeing you next winter. 


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