Office Porch Update

by Doug 1. July 2011 20:02


For the most part, this project is complete. All major aspects are done. What's left are things like wiring up the exterior lamp, some sun screens and a more formal temporary set of steps (until we get the stone ones put in). I'm glad the bulk of the work is over. My patience had run shallow on this particular project, which I didn't expect. Could be I'm ready to start handing off future projects to hired help. We'll see.


Anyway, below is a series of pictures that document the progress:

The entire garage was painted first. The ledger boards got coated too.

Roughing in the understructure. You can see the shape and size of what's coming.

Floor joists and roof joists in place. Roofing material and all related rigging in place. Two coats of paint. It took a long time to get to this point.

Decking boards in place! The border pieces were very time consuming to put in.

Once the borders are done, the other pieces go much faster. Yet there are dozens of screws to sink for each plank.

We really love this new space. Very comfortable spot to get away from the office, read or take a phone call. Lot's of flowers and other decoration coming from Virginia, she's taking over from here :)

Front Door Makeover

by Doug 23. January 2011 16:42



Ever since I bought this house, I've known that the front door was trouble.  In the sense that it didn't lock right, was drafty and had way too many coats of chipped paint.  Sort of what you expect from the original front door of a house built in 1938.
At some point in the long list of home projects, replacing the front door emerged at the top.  We picked out a front door and a security screen door at Lowes and decided to pay for the installation as well.  Hanging a door isn't easy - been there done that. Now that we're both working full time, it made sense to leave it to a contractor that Lowes would send out to do the job.

We opted for a fully insulated fiberglass door with a double pained insulated glass center. The glass included a craftsman style motif. Super energy efficient, and stylish too.  Also, the security screen door has a nice style, but with a hefty amount of 'safety' without looking like we live in downtown Detroit. 
The results were just fantastic - what a difference.  Check out the before and after pictures!


Seriously, can't you just feel the drafts coming through?


Old and tired, this thing is about to be fired.



Mrs. Marbles inspects the delivery before signing off.



The new look!


Much more elegance!


And we like the daylight that comes through.



Open air breeze with security.






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