Montecito Magic

by Doug 9. November 2011 05:11

We've not only discovered the beauty and calm of the Santa Barbara area, but the convenience it offers for a quick weekend get away. On a foggy Friday night we headed up the coast along the Pacific Coast Highway. At night, PCH offers views you never see during the day and with patchy fog, it was certainly mystical in the least.  An hour and 40 minutes later, we were pulling in to our B&B in Montecito. We had a very relaxing weekend on the bikes, seeing some great sights up close.

I never like to stuff lots of sub- titles into the videos I create and post on "A Doug's Life". It's nice to have some explanation of what you're watching, but always ends up looking clunky and awkward. Instead, I'm including some links about what's featured in the video:



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 So, you've never heard of General Fuzz? Seriously??  Well I'm here to brighten your day.  General Fuzz is a music project headed by James Kirsch (see image above). He creates really cool electronica tunes that are available for absolutly free. Seriously. Of course, I highly encourage you to make a donation if you like what you hear. Go there now: and start your download!


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