Visiting . . . with Gail & Steve

by doug 24. May 2014 18:30

When you live on the opposite coast as your parents (and the rest of your family for that matter) it's always a treat when they come for a visit.


We look forward to the little things that reconnect us. The little details that emerge over the course of days that are lost over phone calls, emails, or even Skype.

So we had a great time reconnecting bit by bit, while dining with friends, travelling up the coast and just puttering around the house.

Take 7 minutes to check out the highlights:

  • ~ a ride in Dave's 1930 Packard
    ~ touring around Santa Barbara
    ~ an up-close look at the Space Shuttle "Endeavor"


Great visit! When can you guys come again??


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End of an Era: Farewell Sweet KK

by doug 16. January 2014 03:58



Wednesday January 15, 2014.


Today was KK's last day. After nearly 34 years (an amazing run for any horse) her old body was shutting down to the point where the inevitable was becoming obvious. The last few months were certainly a cue but the final weeks, as you might suspect, were an indication that it was (sigh) the beginning of the end.


Poor KK. Her old body was failing from all directions. Too much happening at once.  She knew. Virginia knew.  God knew.


KK has been in Virginia's and (sister) Lizzie's life for 20+ years. Where were you in 1979? Think about that to get the sense of history and the countless rides in Griffith Park with Ally, the other horse they had together.




Before we were married,  I was introduced to KK and discovered their special bond right away. Decades of companionship and attentive care connected them in ways unseen by the rest of us.  It's the same for any pet you pay attention to over years and years. You know them intimately and they'll surprise you by how much they've been paying attention to your habits.  KK knew which pocket of Virginia's to stick her nose in to sniff out carrots and treats, the most basic of her tricks.


Of all her years and years, she was only in discomfort during her final weeks, as best we could tell. Just a sliver compared to the rest of her happy days. Virginia looked after her in every detail.  As a horse, how do you get to live so long and be so happy? You have Virginia and Lizzy caring for you, that's how. The sisters did very well for her.




In reality not all are treated as well as she was.  So many horses are mistreated, ignored or abandoned completely. More now than ever. It's nice to think that in some way her abundant care made up for all the less fortunate animals out there. She had a very long and very happy life. Lucky, lucky girl.


So now we begin the transition to KK, the memory.  It'll take some time, some tears and a big adjustment.  We know she's in a better place now. Pain free, running and bucking with all the carrots and wild grass she can eat.  Good for her. 


With that in mind we are able to move forward just a bit easier.  Farewell KK, we'll miss you always.




Did You Know?
• KK is short for Khemera
• KK is a pure Arabian breed
• Her grandfather (Khemosabi) is a world famous Arabian champion:


Video:  KK and Me from 2009


More pictures:






Ha ha ha, Jalama Beach. Very funny.

by doug 4. August 2013 18:03

Tony and the kids came down from Portland (OR) to visit us and the rest of the family in L.A. GREAT to catch up with them, we had fantastic visit. Seriously fun.


One weekend we packed up all  the beach gear and headed back up to Jalama State Beach for some easy camping, relaxing, perhaps some smores around the campfire – all that fun stuff.


Yet we were reminded that mother nature makes all final decisions during these outings. Oh we were treated kindly at first, but then . . . . .


THANKS to TONY for putting together this hilarious video of our unforgettable family adventure – featuring Virginia, Tony, Tommy, Lizzy & Chris, Elder, Elise, Jesse, Amber and of course our hero: Poncho!




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