24 Days of Driving A Tuna Can: It’s Finally Over

by Doug 12. December 2011 01:28


A rough ride, hard drivers seat, no rear window visibility and a lethargic gas pedal just to name a few negatives regarding my rental.  Goodbye Fiat 500, you little tin can, I won't miss you a bit.


In what seemed to be a marathon extended auto insurance claim process, I was finally able to get confirmation that I was not liable for the crash, then later (What, more waiting? Seriously??) that my Ford would be totaled & I needed to start looking for replacement vehicle quickly.


This all sounded so familiar when Virginia went through the same accelerated car shopping experience.


Her Toyota has turned out to be such a great used vehicle, that we used that strategy again:





So, life is finally feeling like it's getting back on track. Big exhale. Now on to the holiday pandemonium. Merry Christmas!




12/12/2011 4:24:41 AM #

Doug, I think you'll like the 4-runner especially since it has 4 wheel drive.  Great for camping.  It's a good looking car and you got a great deal!

Elizabeth O'Keefe United States | Reply

12/13/2011 3:54:21 AM #

What year is that 4 runner, 2003? Its so cool! Before they went bubble round ish...


Anthony United States | Reply

12/13/2011 4:29:02 AM #

Hello Tony! It's a 2002, last year before the big re-design. I must be getting old, because the new style (2003 and on) didn't impress me, so sought out the older ones. Regardless, it's a nice upgrade from the Ford.

doug moore United States | Reply

12/16/2011 7:02:29 AM #

Now you have no excuse... Drive up to the great North West. We can go to Voodo Donuts, where you can have bacon on a maple bar...


Anthony United States | Reply

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