A New Look at Some Old Trees

We recently spent some time in Sequoia National Forest. Not to be confused with Sequoia National Park where the top 5 largest sequoia trees can be found (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_giant_sequoias). They are insane in their size.

Yet in the National Forest (to the south and somewhat at the same elevation) the 6th larges tree resides. The Stagg Tree. How many giant sequoia trees are there? Tens of thousands perhaps. Making the top 6 means you're among true giants.

(Side Note: Who was Amos Stagg? > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amos_Alonzo_Stagg)

As of this writing , the Stagg Tree is 3054 years old.  When the tree was 100, the year was 940 BC. Where were you in 940 BC? If you lived in Jerusalem, you could celebrate the fact that the Temple of Solomon was finished being built. That was a very long time ago, folks.

At 95 feet around, this elderly trunk seems more like a wood mountain than a living thing.

Walking around the tree is its own adventure.

You'll always feel like a kid when visiting this ancient relative.

Coming across a giant sequoia during a hike presents a striking contrast from the other trees. Very big, very red.


Even the smaller trees are huge. (And old.)  Have you ever been to see these giants? Aren't they amazing? 

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