Our New Mustang

Meet Rachel, the new member of our family.


This past January after we lost KK , there were many months of adjustment & grieving.  Gradually it was time to begin the search for another animal.  For some time now Virginia has been doing the work needed to find another horse. In the Mojave desert there is a horse rescue facility called LifeSavers that saves wild mustangs and other breeds. She found Rachel, a young female mustang and the search was over.

The adoption process at LifeSavers is quite involved since they want to make sure that the new owner is responsible.  Several trips are required as well as training to deal with your new animal. After several Sundays spent driving out to their facility, the process was deemed complete by the trainer and arrangements were made to trailer her to the new stable.


Yesterday was the big moving day for Rachel. She and Virginia spent the entire morning on the road from Mojave to her new home a Bella Vista Stables in Shadow Hills. It was a long day in the trailer, but she didn't cause a single fuss during the ride. Nor did she spat with her new stable mates.

Rachel is about 6 years old. She comes from  the Comstock - Virginia range in Nevada that is famous for wild mustangs. Her mother (when pregnant with Rachel) was rounded up with other pregnant mares in an attempt to separate them  from the other non-pregnant wild mares.  The females that were left wild were then part of a test to see if forced contraception could be effective as a way to curb the numbers of horses.


We think that Rachel was born just after her mother was taken to a temporary facility in the Comstock area during this testing period.  Luckily, Rachel was then rescued to LifeSavers in California.  Technically we're not sure if she was born as a wild mustang or born in captivity. Regardless, her DNA is pure American wild mustang, and you can see it in her build, demeanor and personality.


From what we've seen so far, she is quite relaxed and very smart.  She's also petite for a horse but as mustangs are, very sure-footed. I met her as she took the first walk from the trailer to her new sable.  She gave me a good sniff and let me give her a good pat. Since Virginia is the most attentive pet owner you’ll ever find, this mustang is in good hands at her new home. Welcome!

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Doug and Virginia:
What a nice addition. Pat is very jealous and next time you come to the Vineyard you must bring Rachael.
Thanks for sharing.
Love, Dad


Thanks for the lovely introduction to Rachel, and what a lovely creature she is.  She has a look of peace in her eyes that seems to show that she feels at home.  Has she ever been saddled and ridden, or will that be a whole new adventure?


Thanks Steve, she has been ridden.  But there is a transition period for her and Virginia to get comfortable.  Rachel has been at the rescue facility for years and has a history of being  trained there.  With a new owner, you sort of have to start again.  At the new stable, they are working with a trainer until the horse/rider relationship is settled.


Congrats! now the Sierra Adventures begin. Heading to Iva Bell next week if this weather holds, going over Duck Pass. Nice looking mare but I'm too used to shanks mare.

Lisa Cramb-Dudley
Lisa Cramb-Dudley 10/23/2014 11:54:02 AM

Doug - Just catching up on your blog, and am so excited to read of your "new" horse, Rachel! Awesome! There is a foundation based in Greenfield, NH between us (in New Boston) and Joe & Cindy M. (in Mason) called "Horse Tenders" that is solely focused on Mustangs:  horsetendersmustangfoundation.org/index.html

Could be a resource for you and Virginia?

I hope all is well with you and your family!



Hey Lisa, thanks so much for link to the website, Virginia is checking it out as I write this.  Rachel is responding wonderfully to all the training from Virginia and others at the stables, trail riding will be happening soon we hope.  I'm not a horse person, but one thing I know is that Rachel is very very smart. I think it's a mustang thing.  Best to you and the girls, we wish them well...

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