Book Review: Thank You For Your Service

Guest blogger and book reviewer Lyz O'Keefe shares her review of this book by David Finkel . . .

by David Finkel

This book is about veterans of the war in Iraq. I chose to read it because of all the media coverage at the time (early 2014) about veterans returning from the war with battle scars (both physical and mental) and the lack of complete care from the Veterans Administration. I was particularly interested in PTSD.

The book recounts several vets experiences in the war and follows-through to their return home. It covers their struggles and fear and also their small victories and hope. I felt like I got to know these vets and their families by the end of the book and could come away with more compassion and understanding of how war affects some soldiers. To some when they get home "normal" is something completely different than what it was when they started their deployment.

I know war affected my father and he came home angry. The 60's anthem, "war is not healthy for children and other living things" is still apropos.

RATING: 5/5 Stars

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