Taking 'outdoor living' up a few notches...

I was nearing the final phase of my  garage to office conversion when I swore it would be the last major DYI home project. I've done plenty, and it was time to take back my weekends and leave this stuff to the professionals.
I stuck to my guns for the next couple of projects: the house painting job and our bathroom remodel.  The contractor and his crew did a very nice and expensive job on the bathroom. If you're lucky, that's what you get from a good contractor. Nice and expensive rather than horrible and expensive.  But I digress.
During the remodel, we had no bathroom for about a month. To ease the monotony of our daily morning trots to our local YMCA, I rigged up the ugliest, most white-trash outdoor shower you could ever come across. A whopping embarrassment to any home owner.  A dirty tarp for privacy, a garden hose and shower nozzle  strapped 7 feet up our Sycamore tree via a bungee cord.  A lawn chair to hold your robe and towel.  But it had hot water and the daily shower under the tree was perfect and beautiful.   
At some point after the remodel was complete, I had the slightly sad task of disassembling my ramshackle contraption.  It took less then a minute. I was surprised that it didn't collapse in the wind beforehand.
Looking at the space under the tree, I imagined something better. Something cool. Something permanent. The countdown had begun. I was soon to embark on my new "last DYI home improvement project".    This time I mean it! 


Above: Roughing in the space with some 4x4 posts and 8x8 RR ties.  The circle around the tree is a root barrier from when I planted it years ago.



Above: Pea pebbles to let the water drain down into the tree roots. El cheapo cement pavers for firm footing under the suds.



Above: Many bags of guijarros guisante were needed.



Above: The gray privacy panels are made of horizontally placed composite dog-eared fencing pickets. The dog ears were trimmed as were the rounded edges to make a nice join between pieces.




Above: The hot and cold lines were attached to the current water lines that were already in place for the garage.



Above: I covered the plumbing with left over composite material.



Above: If you don't like having a tree in your shower, then you can 'leaf'. (Sorry...)



Above: A close up of the composite material, the Sycamore tree and the 1x1 framing used. The exposed edges of the composite pieces were left untrimmed and round.



Above: The narrow shower door. Only 24" wide.



Above: A few hooks strategically placed behind the tree to avoid direct splashing of your towel



Above: No regular soap or shampoo allowed. Only the biodegradable stuff. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Ask the tree.



Above: Crazy old Dr. Bronner. A strange man that makes excellent liquid soap.  Organics brand shampoo and conditioner.  You can also use Mane 'n Tail horse shampoo as well. Totally fine for humans (and other pets). Biodegradable too.



Above: A bit of landscaping roughed in. More to follow.  But for now.... Time for a shower :) 

So, dear reader, have you ever thought of having your own outdoor shower?

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Lyz O'Keefe
Lyz O'Keefe 3/31/2015 10:09:52 AM

Doug and Virginia,

The outdoor shower turned out beautiful!  So well made and pleasant to look out.  You guys are so forward thinking!  I can't wait to try it.  Is there a place to set my wine glass?


Hmmm.... Second request for a wine glass holder.  First one came from wife, so I guess great minds drink alike.  I better get on that.


Ohhhhhhh yea!!!! My out door shower and also side by side claw tubs with hot water lots of bubbly and an awesome view with the sunset!!  I'm there my friend!

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