End of April Miscellany

Firstly some housekeeping: our 'home number' that ends with '3838' will soon be disconnected. We don't get or make any calls with that number and it sits lonely and unused. As such, we've fully migrated to our cell phones.  Please scrap that number from your contact list, and keep our cell numbers. If you don't have those, email me.



She's back! Rachel has returned home to our local barn in Sunland. She's been at a training ranch in the Southern Sierra's for a few months, a kind of horse finishing school to become more lady like and to learn a few manners.  Wild mustangs can't continue to be wild when fed and cared for by human types.  Virginia and Rachel are so happy to be reunited. Rachel is becoming quite demure.



A new bike is in my future. A do-most-everything-except-for-serious-mountain-biking bike.  I have been doing test rides at bike shops all over town for several weeks, exchanging emails with bike friends and discussing the pros and cons of this brand or model.  I am picky. Therefore I haven't found one that suits my picky-ness. Yet.  I've also been taking a few pictures along the way. This Gunnar is close but no cigar. American made in Wisconsin, high grade chromoly frame. The search continues.



Spring is here, the blooms are just wondrous.  It's an amazing feat that the flora becomes so lush with such dry and hard soil.  A rare and welcomed afternoon of rain yesterday (woot!) will keep those blooms going for another good stint.



We took our nephew Elder camping for the weekend a while back. Sycamore Canyon offers beaching, off road cycling and hiking. We did it all and we had a really fun time.



I have discovered the best bike parking ever. It's in Burbank, CA at the Burbank metro train station. You apply to the city for access, receive a secrete code to enter you and your bike inside. Each bike has it's own (not assigned but what ever is available) parking rail with a ginormus cable for your own U-Lock.  It's very efficient, organized and safe. A simple bike repair stand is included as well.



Tony made a visit from Portland, OR and we had a dinner at our place. Don't get to see him as often as we like. Awesome family fun:





What is happening in your world? We'd love to hear about it below!




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It's official my Forensic Professor! Is finishing her last semester 4 yr creating that program at the Univ in Wisconsin . Starting her next journey as "CSI" Lake Havasu PD in June. Moving mid June a bit closer to home. Police chief told her, that her resume set the bar for anyone they would interview. 93 people applied for one job. She was chosen! Proud Mom!!! Keeps amazing me! Nothing new at VPH working like a dog! Missing the old leaders! Surgery CPOE June! We shall see!
Enjoy the outdoors! Sunny warm days are here perfect for sunset rides n hikes! Rock on my friend!


Hey Mona, such great news, wow!!  Time to get a houseboat on the lake, whatever is left of it Frown

Good luck on the next CPOE deployment, and pass along my best to all my friends there!

Dave Menapace
Dave Menapace 4/29/2015 6:50:11 AM

Hey Doug!

It's great to hear all is going well for you man!  Hows the mountain biking  been?  It's great seeing pictures of the mustang, and to tell ya the truth, I think Sunny is almost as big as her now!  She just hit 125 lbs last week!

Been on any fun adventures lately?  I think when we  spoke last I told you about surfing and boy that's been quite fun!  I also started grad school this week, starting my first of 12 classes until completion.  Luckily it's all online so it's not quite as time consuming.

Valley Pres has been pleasant, same old on that front.

Keep on keeping on brother!  Keep in touch



Dave- Lately, I've had more time in the saddle while commuting the streets than mt biking. It certainly is a different set of cycling skills.  I appreciate the quiet of mountain rides in a big way.

Haven't forgot about a hike,  it will happen.  Great to hear about your pup and higher education.  Life is good!

Lyz O'Keefe
Lyz O'Keefe 4/29/2015 12:20:33 PM

Doug I did a road ride this morning at 6am on the LA River path.  It was a beautiful morning.  Quite a contrast--the tranquil river with tons of bird life on one side and thousands of cars and trucks going by on the other side.  


Be it traffic or tranquility, biking makes it better.  Morning rides are the best!

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