Sun Surf Sand & Salt


It must be summer because we've just returned from a week at the beach with yellowed hair and browned legs. The ocean was warm and the surf was low. We spent a lot of time in the water, in flip flops and on the bikes. Our little rental at 501 Maple (a few blocks from the sand) housed all 7 of us in good comfort.

Nestled between coastal bluffs and the Santa Ynez mountains, the cute beach town of Carpinteria is very pleasant. It's not Santa Barbara or Cannes but very nice indeed.

Very mellow, walkable, bike-able, window shop-able, café-wander-able and affordable.  It peels away the stresses of daily work-a-day life no matter how you progress through it.  Especially at the end of the day when the breezes kick up a bit and the colors saturate just before the sun fully sinks.  If you time it right, you're coasting downhill on 2 wheels headed for the sand for one last look at the pacific before dinner.

Best parts:
• The ocean kayak (Thanks to buddy Todd for lending it to us)
• Swimming to the floating dock beyond the breakers
• Biking up to Santa Barbara for a lazy lunch
• Exploring the bluffs on bikes to a newly discovered & hidden beach
• Dusk on the front porch, beer in hand, no shoes, just..... sitting :)
• Train whistles in the night

Good times on the porch.


Morning view out the back window. Birds birds birds everywhere!


A strange site, these baby (Egrets?) have a large nest in a pine tree in the back yard.  Leave a comment if you have a better idea of what kind of birds these are.  I certainly don't.


Coffee time.


Niece Elise.


A rare moment when the whole gang is in one spot.


Everyday is bike day.


Know the code.


We biked to the Santa Barbara harbor. 



A bike path in SB high on a bluff with spectacular views and gardens.


On the left: Bikes only for miles and miles.  On the right: Secret Rincon beach with perfect waves for surfing.


Days end: The heat and brightness mellow.


Lots of smiles at the end of another beach day. Yeah, that's Elder biking past on the left.




A dusk walk through the bird sanctuary.



Nephew Elder.


More smiles!

Doug, Lizzy, Tommy.

Waiting for the Amtrak Surfliner. It' rumbles past day and night.


Heading to the coast this summer? We'd love to hear about it! Leave a comment below ;)



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Lyz O'Keefe
Lyz O'Keefe 7/23/2015 5:54:05 PM

Nice trip.  I'd love to know where to catch that bike path.  Great photos Doug.


Hey Lyz, there are a few bike path pictures: One has lots of landscaping - that one is in Montecito just north of the Four Seasons.   The other is just south of Rincon Point in the southern most part of Carpinteria. You catch the beginning of that one where the 101 crosses over Mobil Pier Road at the end of the parking lot. It's brand new, but a bit loud since it parallels the 101.

Photo credits go to Lizzy, Tommy, Virginia and me.


Oh, and Chris took some of the photo's too! Great photo's by all.


Hey Doug, Great pics of a great time.  I would bet (small money) that those big birds are immature cattle egrets.  I base this opinion mostly on the touch of yellow (or orange) on the beaks and being in a nest built in a tree.  Most egret varieties nest on the ground.  They generally nest near water but prefer living as adults near cattle where they can be seen riding around on the backs of cattle.


Great info, thanks so much Steve!   When in doubt, always consult your local bird and cattle expert Smile


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