Portland in 7 Days . .

Last week we really dug into Portland, OR (and beyond) with insight and expert guidance provided by Virginia's brother Tony.

We biked the city, hiked the coast and swam in streams that flow in to the Columbia river.  Lots of really good eats at cozy cafe's and hipster restaurants. Yeah, then there's all that good coffee.

The city was such a nice diversion from our home culture. We're excited to explore more of Oregon in the future. 

The Blues Festival in full swing.


A lone piano. It says "Please play me".  Tony played!


I guess Voodoo Doughnuts is a big thing. A whopping line of which we did not partake. We hit another hipster doughnut place. Just as pricey and no line.


A strange land where bikes are above cars. Ahhhh, Portlandia.



Hometown fireworks allow you to get the real feel of the neighborhood.  Happy 4th!


How much more green can it get? None. None more green.


Mt. Hood follows you everywhere. It beckons you to come to the Cascades. How can you resist its call? I fear you cannot.


So, what are your experiences in this fair city? Nasty weather or good times? We'd love to hear, leave a comment below! The comment PW is: life is good 

Oh, before you go, check out this photo stream of extra pictures from our trip: https://1drv.ms/a/s!AkuxRmebDZeLm5Z2eROwcXq3UMnEpg

Special thanks to Tony for showing us around and hosting us at his little place.  Thank You!



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Dave Menapace
Dave Menapace 7/14/2016 6:05:01 AM

Looks gorgeous!  I went out to Seattle not to long ago, it looked quite similar.

How've you been?

doug moore

Seattle: Yeah, once. So long ago - I can barely remember.  Which means  need to get up there again to check it out.  

Been well, thanks.  I hope you guys are settled and got your groove going in the latest phase of life.  

Thanks for the comment Dave, keep in touch!

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