Hey Summer, you're leaving already?

Well, here we are again. Officially September, by calendar standards yet still August in mind and spirit. At least for yours truly.
Soon begins another sentimental breakup with Summer as our new suitor awaits in the wings. We can pull for her all we like, but the early evenings are a sure sign that she is receding.
It never fails however, at some point we are more interested with our new season at hand. With some invisible & inevitable threshold being crossed, we forge our new alliance.
And then as fickle as can be, we'll want our old partner gone. Our fling is over. Are you still here Summer? Go on now, git!
You may have never heard of George Santayana but his observation on this is keen:

To be interested
in the changing seasons
is a happier state of mind
than to be hopelessly in love with spring.
~George Santayana (1863-1952)
And so we must soften to the new season. As George says it "is a happier state of mind".
And sure, he's referring to Spring, but it's all the same really as we hang on to what we have come accustom to until it just becomes hopeless. We don't have a choice anyway, and we'll go crazy otherwise.
Besides, next year we can all look forward to another fling with Summer. I am.
What about you?


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Fall is nice. Fall is Beautiful in it's some want somber way. It reminds use of the enterable passage of time. Summer is so long in So Cal. Time Almost stands still, blazing hot for mouths on end. We hide indoors half the day, afraid to go like vampire's. Planing the around trying not to get heat stroke, were's the sun screen.  And then ahh, You wake up one day and its cool again. Look is that a cloud in the sky? I remember those, maybe a little marine layer or some resembling weather. Could it be. ------------- Fall,  You taste it. Fall is coming.

Thank God.



Nicely said, Spence.  I am on board, and feel the same way.

But as described, I always go through this silly mind game first.  Go figure.

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