Book Look: Eiger Dreams

Eiger Dreams

Eiger Dreams
Written By Jon Krakauer

I found this on a bookshelf at the beach house rental last summer & ended up having to get my own copy. I've always plowed right through any of Krakauer's books, they're so juicy, suspenseful and well, I can relate to the mountain/hiking/climbing themes.

Some random quotes and passages:


"Life at 14,300 feet, meanwhile, was undeniably better than the wretched existence of those dug in at 17,200, but it was not with its hardships.  Trapped in camp but relatively free of the storm that raged above, we residents of 14,300 initially bided our time cheerfully enough -- flying kites, skiing the crusty powder on the protected slopes immediately above camp, practicing ice climbing on nearby serac walls. But as the storm dragged on -- and food, fuel, and energy began to flag -- a collective depression settled over our embattled tent city."

"It's only September, but the wind smells like winter as it gusts through the narrow streets of Charmonix, France.  Each night the snow line, like the hem of a slip, pushes farther down the ample granite hips of Mont Blanc toward the stubble of slate roofs and church steeples on the valley floor."

"It's an ordinary June morning in downtown Talkeetna, cultural hub of Alaska's upper Susitna Valley, population maybe 250 on a good day.  The dawn breeze carries the scent of spruce and wet earth; a moose wanders across the hamlet's deserted main drag and pauses to rub her head against the fence of the local ballpark. Abruptly, out on the airfield at the edge of town, the peace of young day is shattered as the engine of a small red airplane coughs two or three times and then catches with a roar.

The fellow in the pilot's seat is a big shaggy bear of a man named Doug Geeting."


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