Dancing with Mrs. Marbles

Mrs. Marbles

"Meroooooowwwww, I'm going outside now."

Thin, elder, frail - with a sudden blip of energy, she trots to the kitty door.

"What? You're kidding. Its been raining all day. And it's cold."

"Listen, I've not done old-lady-cat-things out there for weeks."

She pushes her fuzzy head up to the small window at eye level. "Am I not feline?"

"Look, there're no warm sunny spots. Your paws will get soaked. You'll have to run back in. It'll be a waste of your faint energy."

"Well, you chased me all the way over here from the couch. You might as well unlock my door - you know - so it's not a waste of your faint energy. Merooooooowww."

She looks up with those baby blues. Squinting in pride. The little rat. She is so cute. Cuteness always wins.

"It's cold. It's wet. Have it your way. But I warned you."  I unlock the little door.

She considers the situation for another moment and slips through. The door makes the floppy sound as it brushes her butt on the way out.

I continue with my cup of tea.

Soon I hear the floppy sound again.

"Merooooowwww." She trots across the kitchen floor.

"Back so soon?"

"Of course. Why did you let me out there? You should have mentioned the cold and the rain."

She hops up to give me kisses.

And so goes our little dance.

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Lyz O'Keefe
Lyz O'Keefe 3/19/2019 2:33:24 PM

Too cute!

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