Kitty Quality Time

I've been putting aside many things lately. Instead, after work, I've been sitting alone with Mrs. Marbles.

Her life has dwindled to mostly extended sleep with moments of normal cat things. Her favorite is to slip out the little door and sit on the patio in the hot sun. Staring at nothing in particular.

In these slow and quiet moments, there's the realization that you've temporarily left the mainstream torrent of modern life, ever accelerating. For what? I am becoming suspect. 

There is little surprise that the importance of down time with your fuzzy friend is lost on almost everyone. I don't try to explain it.

It's a good thing. It helps us both and that's that.

mrs marbles


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David Billett

Our Squeaky is endlessly fascinating, magnificent creature. We stare at her doing what seems to be absolutely nothing, and there we are - doing absolutely nothing while staring. It's contagious. We get it.


Thanks Dave. It's nice to pull back the brain power and get it down to cat level. Kinda nice down there.


Totally agree with pet down's absolutely healing. Marbles is looking pretty darn good too!


Thanks Lizzy. The healing goes both ways, there's no downside.

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