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Who doesn't love James Taylor? Ok, he's not the massive icon he once was with his "Sweet Baby James" release of the 70's, but he's still out there making music and living the life.  His music hasn't changed much in 40 years, which is probably why his fans still come back. They know what they're getting. 

JT has a new record out and he's not only doing the usual concert tour but the typical media interviews as well. You may have seen him interviewed on Tavis Smiley for example on PBS.

But there is a problem with those structured settings in that they never get to the good juicy stuff regarding ones life experiences. I actually love Tavis and his show, but he's bound by time constraints and network rules.

So I have included a link above that goes to Thee interview of JT that will help you satisfy your curiosity about all that you've heard about James. It's fascinating. Recorded recently, it will connect the dots regarding JT's family history & stomping grounds, his addictions, his association with the Beatles and much more.  There is no way you'll ever hear James talk about this stuff on NPR or Entertainment Tonight. Ever.

That's because non of those settings include Marc Maron. He's mainly a comedian, but also a writer/producer and interviewer. Many of you may not be too familiar with his WTF podcast (yeah, WTF means what you think it means), but it's success is based on the freedoms that come with the internet. 

Marc really has more of a conversation with his guests instead of a typical interview.  There's no time limit. There's no FCC regulations on what sort of language you can use. Guests can light up a cigar or have a glass of Scotch. It's audio only - no camera, so beat up clothes or a bad hair day matters not.

He invites guests to his home studio, a converted garage in a not-so-glamorous part of LA,  so everything is low key. The whole environment encourages unpretentiousness and honesty. Marc is very smart in that he asks questions on sensitive subjects with intelligence and context.  His guests are more than happy to tell their stories. Over the summer President Obama came to his little home studio, huge secret service entourage and all, to have an open and honest conversation about his life. 

Anyway, if you're like me and grew up in New England, JT is sort of a legend.  I've heard stories and rumors, but never really got the whole story about his going's on in Martha's Vineyard or marriage to Carly Simon or relationship with Carol King.  This conversation connects all the dots and presents the whole story - in James own words. 

The entire show runs about 1 hour and 22 minutes. There's about 12 and 1/2 minutes of pre-interview stuff that only regular listeners may understand, but you can skip ahead if you like. 

You can run the show straight from the web page, download the audio file to your computer (then transfer it to your phone if you'd like) or skip it entirely :) . 

If you're offended by typical (but not too offensive) adult language, then perhaps you'd best skip this. Otherwise, I'd be surprised if you didn't enjoy it completely.

Give it a listen and leave a comment below about your thoughts. Does anyone have James Taylor stories to share?  Sadly, I've never seen James in concert, have you?


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