Being Uncle Doug...

If you're an uncle, then there’s at least one nephew (or niece) afoot and in my case make that three of the male variety. They're quite different from each other, including the fact that they hail from all across the U.S. 

When the tease of spring is getting old and the anticipation of summer vacation is front and center, kids from all over are wrapping up their school year with perhaps a mix of joy, dread and impatience. The horizon looms exciting yet nerve wracking. There is much to adjust to.  And much to attend to before cutting the cords.  Graduations, end of year programs, festivities and gatherings.  If any of these are on your calendar it’s probably the transition from May to June where ever you are.

And so in late spring  2016, Uncle Doug was off to support the nephews in their crossing of a threshold, their making of a milestone.


In Andover Massachusetts, Nick graduated from Governors Academy:


Proud parents Jeff and Jody


Dad, Step Dad, Mom, Me, Sis: We're all rooting for our nephew. Another "Sue selfie"!


The graduating gang. I think they're ready to take on all that college has in store.



Then in North Hollywood, CA, Elder had his end of year Jazz performance at Walter Reed Middle School:

I've been watching Elder perform at school events for years and this time he really impressed. He's been working at his keyboard craft, it really shows.

Need harmony/backing vocals and some keyboard accompaniment? This (soon to be 8th) grader has got you covered. Making the lead singer look good & the girls are loving it :)


Heading north to Portland Oregon, Jesse graduated from high school as well:

I didn’t attend this personally, but Dad (Tony) related the exciting news with delight and some great photos:

A great evening for Dad and grad. 


And for the rest of the family too!



Another group of "I can't believe you're all grown up!" kids are released into the wilds of the next big thing.  It happens every year. 

Best wishes to all of you from Uncle D. and Aunt V! 

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