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So yeah, our kitchen has been a sore spot in our home for a long time.  However small though, a complete kitchen remodel is a big job with all the typical hundreds (perhaps thousands) of decisions - each having the potential to start a nasty (but mostly mild) squabble between husband and wife.

It seemed that we preferred living with a run-down, 78 year old (1938) kitchen, then to find a way to end our family feud. And thus for the last decade we've mostly punted the entire project down the road. That must be some sort of procrastination record.

Yet slowly, miraculously, a uniform agreement began to take hold. When our old dishwasher died, panic struck, momentum was gained & more unity was suddenly formed. I realized that if you're at an impasse in life, a dead appliance will be sure to break the ice.  Anyway, soon after we finally pulled the trigger to get this project going.

Since our home is small, storing all contents of the kitchen and back entryway is a big inconvenience. There are boxes and bins everywhere. Tripping over them is a standard affair.  Not finding something is now a way of life. Not being able to put other stuff away, since - well - there's not much room left, is frustrating.

But, we're excited to finally get this under way.  I estimate we're about half way through the 6-7 week schedule.


The gratuitous "Before" picture. Ugh. Nasty.


My demo handy work:


A complete rewire. New electric everywhere. Below, the new 240v outlet for our fancy schmancy convection oven:


Everything patched up.  This electric inspector was quite picky:


Cabinets arrived. In 150 boxes. Like we have room for that.


And finally it's starting to look like a kitchen! But, we've got another month to go :(


I'll assume that many of you have survived a complete kitchen remodel.  Please, share your stories below. We are in serious need of commiseration.


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Lyz O'Keefe
Lyz O'Keefe 11/9/2016 4:20:05 PM

I can't even imagine.  You're not living there while this is being done, right?  


Actually, we've moved into the Trump Towers since they're, ya know,  so "hospitable".  Smile

We stayed put, living on microwave dinners, Mexican take-out, Mexican-take-out, Mexican take-out.  Got the coffee maker hooked up in the living room. One must keep some civility during construction.

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