Kitchen Redo: Done!

Firstly if you've missed some of my past ramblings, you can get caught up here.

I know some of you have been asking for pictures of our new kitchen.  These are way overdue, but your wait is over.

Looking back at the calendar, the project kicked of on Oct 8th, 2016. That was the day we started moving all the food, dishes and JUNK out. Many (MANY) large plastic bins were needed.

8 weeks later we were finally moving the stuff back in.  We are still figuring out the best drawer or cabinet for this or that. 




If you have questions or comments, use the comment section below. 

I'll answer anything you'd like to know.  It was such a long ordeal, but we are very happy with the result.

What was the last remodel you did?  Share your stories in the comments below! We'd love to hear. 

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Neat, sweet, petite!


Thank you!  And it's actually a bit larger since the old range was bulky and never could be pushed flush against the wall.   Old gas pipes were in the way.  

Lyz O'Keefe
Lyz O'Keefe 2/9/2017 10:13:06 AM

All I can say is that you guys are a good team!


Thank you!
It was "us" against contractor nightmares.  We remain victorious Smile

Alex Chen

Gorgeous kitchen, you finally made it. My wife loves the KitchenAid cooktop the most, and I am pretty sure she has added it into her Amazon wishlist.


Thank Alex.  We love the cooktop - and glad we decided against a regular slide-in range combo.  

Cooktop with separate oven saves a little space and has a more streamlined look.  However, it was the most expensive option Frown


Super Nice job D & V!  It looks so less stessed out than the starting point

What's the floor material?


Wow, Joe, how are ya!!  That flooring is an inexpensive Home Depot brand engineered wood flooring product.

By far - of all the materials we choose - gave us the most bang-for-the-buck-wow-factor.  Everyone's first comment is "Oh! I LOVE the floor!"  And to think it was the cheapest part of the project.  

Since the sub-floor was slightly convex (bowing up a little) this style of interlocking channels was able to handle the curve.  Unlike any tile or other hard material. It was the perfect choice.

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