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April 2010

March Leftovers: Lake Mary and Lone Pine

Anytime I come back from a trip that takes me through the heart of US395 in Owes Valley, I always come home with tons of photo's and video.

Here are a few leftovers from our trip to Mammoth last month:

Lake Mary at the Tamarack Ski Center:

The front range outside of Lone Pine:

More stuff here...

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Found a Job / Lost a Job All in 6 Days
I found a great job at a VSP (VOIP Service Provider) as a member of their web development team. It was a Friday (the 16th) when the deal was sealed.  Celebration ensued!

6 days later, I got an unthinkable phone call.   It was the manager that hired me. "Unfortunately there are some things that are going on at the company that take priority, and they have decided not to fill this position after all."

The conversation lasted another 25 minutes of which I don't recall much of what was said. I was in shock. Jeez, I had been living the last 6 days as though I had a job!  To his credit, the manager was shamed, kind, and deeply sorry. He had been in the dark about this as well.

I did get a follow up email later that week from him indicating that the position will indeed be filled in the upcoming weeks, that the company must finish with a few acquisitions that have been in progress for months - then return to it's staffing needs.  I was to get the first call.

Hmm.. Ok, I guess that's better than being told "No, not now, not ever...".

So, it's back to the cleaners with my suit, back to scouring the job web sites, back to all that stuff I thought I had moved beyond in the first place.  No use in relying on them to get back to me anytime soon.

Lesson Learned: Being Prudent (Advanced Concepts)

We've all know about the lesson about not "counting your chick's before their hatched" - a saying that means not to assume anything until you have absolute confirmation.

I thought I followed this rule nicely during my repeated visits with this company. I didn't get too excited about the first few interviews. I was reserved after the third interview.  "There'll  be time for excitement if get the job" I kept telling myself.

Well folks, sometimes that isn't enough.  How skeptical do you have to be? I would have been called crazy if I were to take this stance:    "Yeah, sure buddy, I know you just offered me a job, signed a document with my start date and salary, finalized the agreements with the recruiting company, but I'm still not convinced! I want MORE Proof!" 

Moving forward, I'm trying to take the high road here.  Trying to apply yet other lessons I've learned in life: "Something better will come along." "It wasn't meant to be."   "The best things in life are worth waiting for."  If life throws me an Advanced Lesson in being optimistic - then forget it. I'm going Postal.